T-Shirt Printing Online

T-Shirt Printing Online

Tips for T-Shirt Printing Online

T-Shirt Design & PrinterItems of clothing have long been used as a way to promote, publicise and market products of all types. From engaging audiences with stylish brand displays, all the way to encouraging uniformity within restaurants and eateries; shirts and caps in particular can be a very effective method for advertisement as far as a business is concerned.

As a result, t-shirt printing online has increased in popularity quite substantially over the past few years. Whether the design is a personal one, or for professional purposes – here are a few tips to help to ensure that the final result is of a satisfactory quality, affordable and effective.

Avoid cheap, batch printers

These printers might seem like a great opportunity to save a little extra cash, but in reality there will be a reason why they are so cheap. Instead, it makes much more sense to opt for a personal printer and someone who is capable of putting out a vast quantity of printed materials, without sacrificing on the quality in the process.

Ensure that the files are correctly formatted

When designing a work of art, logo, or branded image to be placed on a shirt, it’s very important to ensure that the file will be usable when it comes to being printed. Most shirt printing agencies will utilise software that can work with most file formats, but just to be safe – it’s worth getting in touch with a potential agency to verify that they can work with the formatting type.

Resolution is important

If there’s one thing that can almost guarantee to reduce the quality of a final printed image, it’s a low resolution. When designing, if the proper proportions aren’t used the design can soon become pixelated when transferred from computer to shirt. To avoid this, working at 300dpi can help to ensure that the resolution remains as consistent as possible, without any loss in clarity.

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